Oct 23, 2014


After a year of consistently assisting known refugees as well as many others, it is time to get our housekeeping in order before the end of the year. Thank you to many who have made everything possible. The Treasurer's Report at this year's AGM was an impressive testament not only to our survival as a chaplaincy but also to reaching out generously to the marginalised. Currently we house and feed 10 homeless people and help many others in Istanbul.

Before the year ends, apart from our Advent Appeal and fuel bill needs, we need to raise "a modest" 5,000 pounds.

As of Saturday 25th Oct, 2 days after its launch, our appeal has been promised the equivalent of 1,393 pounds sterling. 

If anybody is in a position to contribute either in Istanbul or the UK (gift aided scheme), please do let the Chaplain (Ian) or Treasurer (Jonathan) know as soon as possible.

Oct 22, 2014

A baby congregant!

Congratulations to 

Malika and Andrew McCosh 

on the birth of Constantine James,

a brother for Mungo and Aubrey!

Oct 21, 2014


Clocks will be put back by one hour on Sunday morning 26th October 2014. 

Don't be late for the Sunday Service at 10AM please!

Sep 29, 2014

Harvest Festival

On Sunday 5 Oct at 10 AM in Christ Church, we will offer thanks for this year's harvests.

We use the occasion to gather non-perishable foods to offer those in desperate need.

If you can offer one bag with pasta, canned foods, rice, tea or whatever you think useful, it will be appreciated.

Please leave your offering under the Rood Screen at the church!

Aug 14, 2014

All Saints floor replacement

Repairs @ St Helena's & All Sainta

This summer, essential repairs have been carried out by the Chaplaincy at St Helena's Chapel, and also, thanks to Turgay Ucal and congregants, at All Saints Moda. At All Saints, serious undergirding and replacement of the floor took place:

Jul 20, 2014

Fresh Expressions in Istanbul

Our Fresh Expressions group meets every Sunday afternoon

Jul 18, 2014

Church of the Resurrection

The Church of the Resurrection, a Turkish Chaplaincy, meets weekly in the beautiful old Armenian Evangelical Church at Aynalicesme