Apr 12, 2014

Holy Week & Easter @ Christ Church

Maundy Thursday 6pm with washing of feet
Good Friday 1230 pm Veneration of the Cross
Easter Eve 7pm lighting of Paschal Candle
Easter Day 10am Feast of the Resurrection

Mar 31, 2014

April Fools' Day

This is not an April Fool joke! It is true. I came to Turkey 25 years ago on this day and took up my appointment as chaplain to HM Chapel of St Helena, after serving in Bucharest 1986-89. To survive in Turkey and reclaim our 4 fine buildings has not been easy. Indeed it has only been possible through the cooperation of many friends over the years. Thank you one and all, and especially to the refugees and other homeless who have been part of the labour.

I hope in late April during the Easter season to open the Warden's bottle of champagne honoring the anniversary.

This notice is to thank many of you who have heard of the anniversary and sent kind wishes.

Bless you


Mar 25, 2014

Mothering Sunday

All are welcome to our Mid-Lent Mothering Sunday Service at 10 am in Christ Church on Sunday 30 March. We will have the traditional giving of blossom in honour of our mothers - living and departed.

Please note that Turkey's summer time will not change till Monday morning. Thus the hour remains unchanged for Sunday morning.

Mar 24, 2014

Crimean Memorial Lecture 14 April

At 7:30 PM on 14th April at the Ballroom in Pera House,
The English Chaplaincy will host the third of our current cycle of Crimean Memorial Lectures on the opening of the First World War. These lectures provide essential hands-on charity to refugees and the frail elderly in Istanbul.

Dr Sean McMeekin will deliver the lecture entitled: Countdown to War.

For details, reservations, and price of tickets please follow this link :


Feb 23, 2014

Ash Wednesday 5 March 2014

The Service will be held at the Consulate Chapel next to Rixos Hotel Tepebasi  St Helena's Chapel at 6PM on Ash Wednesday 5th March.

Lenten hymns will be sung and there will be the ceremony of ashes

Forthcoming Lecture

Feb 22, 2014

Crimean Memorial Lecture 3 March at 7PM

Following our *sell-out* first Crimean Memorial lecture by Norman Stone, I am writing to remind you about our next one on March 3rd by James Alexander!

This one, rather than being an 'Ottoman Horrible Histories', as someone put it, will be slightly different: its title is "TS Eliot, poetry and the First World War". Dr Alexander is a young British academic currently teaching political science at Bilkent University. He's going to talk about war and poetry in relation to each other by contrasting the war poets (Owen, Sassoon, etc) and the modernists (Eliot, Pound etc). He will talk about the revolutions that occurred in poetry which may (or may not) have been associated with the Great War.

Once again, you can buy tickets directly from Father Ian at the Sunday service, you can transfer the money directly to the church bank account (details below) or pay on the night if that's easier.

We have 2 more lectures after this one: 14th April Sean McMeekin (1914: Countdown to War) and 23rd June, Philip Mansel (From Mehmed II to World War I: the Ottoman Empire and Europe). There is a special discounted price of 120TL (100TL for concessions) for the 3 remaining lectures.

All details on the blog - www.crimeanchurchlectures.blogspot.com

Bank details: Garanti Bank Branch number 28 (Taksim)
Customer 4942183
Account number 6658585
Name: Ian Sherwood

Feb 18, 2014

Crimean Memorial Lecture

Professor Norman Stone delivers his lecture in Pera House ballroom on the conditions that created World War 1