May 25, 2015

Dura Europos

The tragedy of the current events is not only the loss of innocent life, but the loss of history. The remains of Dura Europos is one such tragedy. Penny Young is an old friend of this chaplaincy. A summary of Penny's book on Dura can be viewed and purchased through this link: 

May 19, 2015

St Helena's Day

The Eucharist for St Helena's Day is on Thursday 21st May at 12 noon in the Consulate Chapel of St Helena in Tepebasi (entrance next to the Rixos Pera).

St Helena, mother of the founder of our city, was, as the current Queen, "Defender of the Faith". She was also preserver of the holy places whence the drama of the Gospel arose and changed the very course of human civilisation.

May 17, 2015

BCC-UK Trustees

On 17 May, the BCC Trustees held their annual meeting at The Crimean Memorial and reported on their work benefitting charitable causes in Turkey

May 13, 2015

Angels at Christ Church 13 May

Angels were part of Bahar Korcan's magnificent labyrinth set up for one evening of beauty at Christ Church.

Entering a tunnel of darkness through the west door the viewer was taken to the vision of light and angels before the Sanctuary of God.

Ascension Day

The Ascension Day Service will be celebrated on Thursday 14 May at 12 noon in St Helena's Chapel - the British Consulate Chapel.

Entrance is via the chapel yard next to Rixos Pera Hotel.

May 5, 2015

Blood needed

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 10:00 AM, ITI Istanbul <> wrote:

A young American teacher friend was diagnosed with leukemia last week. He is in Çapa hospital and extremely weak, barely able to hold a conversation.  As you know, this condition is often fatal, especially for young people, and it's crucial that he receives white blood cells.  Donors need to be A negative.

The donation process takes  one or two hours. It's not painful. You are hooked up to a dialysis machine which takes your blood, extracts the white blood cells or platelets, and puts thew blood back in. Your cells will be replaced within 24 hours, and donors don't suffer from dizziness or weakness.   

If you are A negative we would really appreciate your help to save his life.  If you don't know your blood group you can easily find out with a visit to any clinic or hospital.

If you can help, please contact Jenny Miller at

Thank you all in advance

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