May 4, 2016

Ascension at All Saints

With the Ascension celebrated earlier at St Helena's Chapel, a small group gathered with the chaplain for a joyful Ascension Matins and lunch at All Saints Church.

Art Installation at All Saints

Hera Buyuktasciyan has installed an art installation in two of the windows at All Saints Moda with most of the Christian names of the Whittall family since the Church was built.

It is part of the Redbull Art Around Moda exhibition.

May 2, 2016


Friends of the English Chaplaincy Istanbul are delighted to note that Fr Ruben Tierrablanca has been appointed Vicar Apostolic of the Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul and will be consecrated as the bishop to succeed Monseigneur Pelatre.

Fr Ruben is a Mexican Franciscan and friend of the Anglican Communion as were some of his illustrious predecessors in Istanbul.

We wish him every blessing in his new responsibilities, and much love this Ascensiontide.

Apr 25, 2016

Unclear donations

If anybody knows the provenance of donations received by the diocese for various chaplaincies throughout our Diocese in Europe please let the Chaplaincy Treasurer Jonathan Smith  know. The donors have not tagged their donations clearly and, if any are meant for Istanbul, we would naturally like them to be properly assigned:

30/4/15            £250-00p         Charities Trust
29/5/15            £120-76p         JB and EW Paters177670001T
12/10/15          £103-00p         Emmanuel Church Waterthorpe
23/11/15          £375-00p         George G Cal 15
8/12/15            £314-62p         Engl.-Bischoefli bishopps (€435-83 20/1/15)
18/12/15          £60-00p           E Charles Miller
22/1/16            £790-08p         A20Chl00000Nsinv Ref: Inva 013791068600B
8/2/16              £20-00p           Peter Charles Budg
22/2/16            £25-00p           Margaret Rosemary
29/2/16            £350-00p         Tocheva As/Fr
1/3/16              £471-00p         W/M Lyon wedding
7/3/16              £350-00p         V Lewis CAL15/Lewis
21/3/16            £50-00p           With our apologies Ref: RTB Cust Rel 0
1/4/16              £30-00p           EA Samways Ref: 70725250
12/4/16            £100-00p         C McDermott wedding 8/6/16
18/4/16            £100-00p         Karina Smith
22/4/16            £77-17p           Clement Philip Ricardo Allicock – rental of hospitality apt July 2-5 2016 (€100)
25/4/16            £350-00p         H Downend CAL15

Apr 24, 2016

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2016

On 25th April 2016 The Chaplain convened the Annual General Meeting at The Crimean Memorial. There were twenty of the Electoral List in attendance.

The Treasurer's Report 2015 was presented by the Treasurer Jonathan Smith, discussed, and approved by the meeting. The Auditor for the 2015 Accounts is Umit Cordan. The Chaplaincy's gratitude to Messrs Smith and Cordan was expressed. It was noted by John Dunlop Churchwarden that the Chaplain's Stipend was 10,000 pounds short of a minimum stipend and that some effort should be made to rectify this for future years.

The Chaplain's Report 2015 reflected on Chaplaincy Council meetings with gratitude to the current Chaplaincy Council for standing by in any emergencies. Happily there were no emergencies. 
The Chaplain also discussed the 2015 passage of refugees through the Chaplaincy, and the current situation in which we are focusing on known serious refugee cases. 
The Chaplain reported on the ebb and flow of congregants in the current tensions in Turkey.
A motion of thanks was expressed to Asher and Nabeel for their constant vigilance and labour in the daily care of The Crimean Memorial.
The Chaplain reported on the procedures being followed by the diocese in assessing vocations to the sacred ministry, and the commitment needed for sponsoring ordinands.

The Safe-guarding Officer, Mary Berkmen, enlightened the whole gathering on the up-to-date correct procedures as outlined by our diocese and the Church of England in general. 


Earle O'Donnell agreed to continue as Churchwarden. Kim Erkan is also to continue as warden. 

The previous term of the current council continues: 
Rafe Courage HM Consul-General's Representative 
Nimal Deniston Deputy Warden
John Dunlop elected as a second Deputy Warden
Jonathan Smith Treasurer 
The council is yet to appoint a Secretary as David Buterac is resident in Athens for six months
Mary Berkmen Safe-guarding officer 
Ordinary Members: 
David Buterac, Victoria Short, Andrew Boord, Norman Stone, Janita Sadalak

Chuck Hunter and Malika McCosh are departing the Council this summer.

The Warden Earle O'Donnell thanked the Chaplain for his labours through the year.

The General Meeting concluded with the Grace.