May 6, 2016

The newly appointed RC Vicar Apostolic visits the English Chaplaincy Istanbul

Peter Hitchens and Bishop Bell

A Good New Independent Account of the George Bell Controversy

Here is an unexpectedly good and clear account of the George Bell controversy, which new readers might find useful. If some other media had covered the story with such care and responsibility, we might not now be in the mess we are in, with the C of E still doggedly sticking to a version of events which has been shot full of holes by expert analysis and a contemporary witness, and trying to hide behind the alleged victim, falsely accusing George Bell's defenders of attacking her.

Those of you who have yet to sign the petition for Justice for George Bell may do so here . Almost 1,200 people have signed it already, which is good but not nearly enough. I would think at least 10,000 signatures are necessary before the Archbishop of Canterbury will take the slightest notice, and urge readers to sign themselves, and encourage friends to do so. This is an excellent cause, the cause of justice and truth.

May 4, 2016

Ascension at All Saints

With the Ascension celebrated earlier at St Helena's Chapel, a small group gathered with the chaplain for a joyful Ascension Matins and lunch at All Saints Church.

Art Installation at All Saints

Hera Buyuktasciyan has installed an art installation in two of the windows at All Saints Moda with most of the Christian names of the Whittall family since the Church was built.

It is part of the Redbull Art Around Moda exhibition.

May 2, 2016


Friends of the English Chaplaincy Istanbul are delighted to note that Fr Ruben Tierrablanca has been appointed Vicar Apostolic of the Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul and will be consecrated as the bishop to succeed Monseigneur Pelatre.

Fr Ruben is a Mexican Franciscan and friend of the Anglican Communion as were some of his illustrious predecessors in Istanbul.

We wish him every blessing in his new responsibilities, and much love this Ascensiontide.